College Football Hall of Fame – Fun for the Whole Family

Our family recently had the opportunity to visit the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta.  I must confess that this was definitely one of those trips that I was willing to do for my boys (this momma is not really “into” football); however, there are so many interactive exhibits and places for the kids to play, that we all had a good time – even me.  🙂

When you purchase your tickets, each person is given an All-Access Pass on a lanyard to wear during your visit.  As soon as you enter the Hall of Fame,  you turn left and use the consoles to activate your pass, pick your favorite team, and see the helmet of your team light up on the Wall of Helmets.  As you move through the Hall, you will scan your pass at each exhibit to fill electronic badges, and use it to later download all the photos and videos you make during the day.

We started our tour on the Third Floor which houses the actual Hall of Fame.  This interactive exhibit allows you to search over 1,000 Hall of Famers and see stats and pictures of your favorite players and coaches.

The Second Floor has more interactive exhibits covering the history of football, fan traditions, pre-game rituals, and many more.  The largest exhibit is a 52-foot Touch Screen where you can choose to see game footage of your own team just by scanning your pass.  As you move through the floor, you can predict game day winners at the ESPN Desk, sing your schools fight song, virtually paint your own face, and more.  And all of these are “saved” on your All-Access Pass.  There is also a Virtual Reality Booth that will make you feel like you are part of the game and an interactive area that allows you to build your own team by recruiting players.

And our last stop was the First Floor.  At one end of the 45 yard football field, there is a huge screen playing 4 different college football games.  At the other end, kids and adults can try to kick a field goal, catch a pass, or just throw the football.  There were several Hall of Fame workers there to help the kids.  I was very impressed with the gentleman throwing the football for the kids to catch for two reasons.  First, if the kids missed the ball, he explained what they did wrong and let them go again.  The second reason, is that when it was my four year old’s turn, he threw it to him very gently, so he could catch it.  My son just beamed!

And just a tip for when you are planning your trip – there is a Chick-fil-A right next to the Hall of Fame.  You can’t visit the restaurant without leaving the Hall, but if you have the CFA app, you can order food, and they will give it to you through a little drive through window that opens into the First Floor of the Hall of Fame.  So, you can order food, and the kids can play while you wait for it.

After three hours at the Hall of Fame, it was time to go, but my boys definitely could have stayed longer.   The next time we go, I will probably make it part of a weekend trip and visit the Georgia Aquarium and The Coca Cola Museum since they are all fairly close together.  And if you plan to go during December, they play Christmas classics on the big screen at the big field each Friday and Sunday.  You can check their website for more information and to see when Santa will be visiting.




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