Macon Families Needed to Host International Students

Unique Opportunity to Expand Your Family’s Cultural Horizons and Impact the Life of a Student


Macon, Georgia –  Hosting an international student is a rewarding and life-changing experience.  The opportunity enables families to share the American lifestyle while learning about the international student’s culture. In the United States, this unique opportunity has become known as homestay.

Twinn Palms, a homestay management company that connects international students with families in the United States, is currently recruiting families in the Macon area to host international high school students for Fall 2017. Host families are provided with all the resources they need to feel confident and supported in opening their home to an international student, including support from a local coordinator, and a generous monthly stipend.

Homestay has become an increasingly popular option for international parents who want their children to receive an educational experience that will expose their children to American culture and will help prepare their children to attend American universities. “The homestay experience is one that enriches the lives of both the families and students. We take great pride in offering a service that innovates the educational experience and connects cultures,” said Shawn Warren, Vice President of Operations at Twinn Palms.

The requirements for becoming a host family include providing a safe and loving home, a private bedroom, all meals, and transpiration to and from school. Twinn Palms is seeking families from all backgrounds, including those with and without their own children.

“Before hosting students, my husband and I were empty nesters.  Our children are grown and are now living further away from the area.  We had friends introduce us to the idea of hosting an international student, and honestly, it is one of the best experiences we have had as a family.  Our international students call our children their siblings and they have even traveled together to China for 10 days through Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu.  We have traveled as a family, to the Grand Canyon and Hawaii, creating memories that will last a lifetime,” said the Lightners from Lancaster, California.

Families interested in the opportunity should fill out the inquiry form at or call (424) 239 – 6367 for more information. Twinn Palms is encouraging families to apply by June 30th for the opportunity to host an international student in Fall 2017.


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