Centerville Library Summer Activities

As usual, our local libraries offer fun and educational activities for kids all summer long.  This, along with the yearly Summer Reading Program, will give your kids lots of reasons to head to the library this summer.

Here are the activities going on at the Centerville Library.

  • May 30th

Registration for Summer Reading Begins

  • June 1st; 2:00pm

Kickoff – Balloon Story-teller  (all ages)

  • June 3rd; 12:00pm

R.E.A.D. to the dogs (please register)

  • June 5th; 10:30am

Wiggle Worms (all ages)

  • June 6th; 6:30pm 

Bedtime Storytime

  • June 7th; 10:30am

Games (5 – 7yo)

  • June 8th; 10:30am

Story Time(0 – 4yo)

  • June 12th; 10:30am

Wiggle Worms – Tunes (all ages)

  • June 13th; 6:00pm

Cosplay (12 – 17yo)

  • June 14th; 10:30am

Tool Picture Frames (5 – 7yo)

  • June 15th; 1:30pm

Cirque du Todd (all ages)

  • June 19th; 10:30am

Wiggle Worms – Tunes (all ages)

  • June 20th; 3:00pm

Warner Robins Martial Arts (8 – 11yo)

  • June 21st: 10:30am

Firefighters (all ages)

  • June 22nd; 10:30am

Skit – Cluck, Moo, and Who (all ages)

  • June 26th; 10:30am

Wiggle Worms – Tunes (all ages)

  • June 27th; 6:00pm

Learn How to Tie Balloons (8 – 11yo)

  • June 28th; 3:00pm

Enviroscape (8 – 11yo)

  • June 29th; 1:30pm

Interactive Drumming (all ages)



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