Lemonade Stand Competition

Generation-Z, a local children’s organization, is sponsoring a Lemonade Stand Competition for all young entrepreneurs.   Here is the information from their facebook page –

Generation-Z is hosting a Lemonade Stand Competition at the Macon State Farmers Market on September 24th, 2016!
This Lemonade Stand Competition is an awesome learning opportunity for the children in your life. They will have an opportunity to create a business plan, design marketing materials, shop for supplies using a budget and make awesome lemonade!

Know a child 6 years old or older? Inbox me today to sign them up for this unique event.

*$5 Registration fee includes Gen-Z T-Shirt, and Goodie Bag provided by our sponsors*

And if your child is worried about being alone, they will divide the kids into five teams.  Sounds like a lot of fun!

  • Where:  Macon State Farmers Market
  • When:  September 24th; 10:00
  • Cost:  $5.00
  • Event Contact:  478-221-5037
  • Event Website