Enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival Without Breaking the Bank


Are you making plans to attend the Cherry Blossom Festival this year?   Are you dreading all the money you are going to spend?   Well, this year, you can enjoy the Festival for only $10 (not including food 🙂  ).  Here we go –

Parking is free, and admission is only $5 for those over 10; under 10 is free.  So if you have two adults, that is your $10 you will spend.  You may ask, “Okay, I’m in the gate, now what? My kids are not going to be content just strolling!”  I agree, and I am thrilled that the Cherry Blossom offers enough free, kids’ events that you could fill the afternoon going from one to the next. 

All of these events take place at Central City Park.

So, it can be done, and everyone leaves the park having had fun with no dread over the amount of money spent.  What do you think?

There are also free activities during the week –

If you would like to see all the events going on, you can click on their website or download this pdf file.