Kidz Blitz at Real Life Church

Real Life Church will be hosting Kidz Blitz and would like to invite the community to attend.  What is Kidz Blitz?  Here is the information from their website – 

Kidz Blitz Live is a one hour and 20 minute crowd participation show that we bring to your venue. One thing Kidz Blitz has mastered: turning spectators into participants! The crowd is divided into the blue team and the green team which means that just by virtue of attending this event you are a participating team member.  Kids are chosen to come on stage from both teams where they compete in quirky games and challenges that become an action, object lesson pointing to Bible principles. Meanwhile teams shout phrases that explain what the games illustrate. With a unique blend of music, visual effects, original games and crowd energy, this is the easiest event you will ever host.

The exciting event is coming to Real Life Church on July 24th & 25th and is free!

For more information, just contact Real Life Church.

  • Where:  Real Life Church
  • When:  July 24th at 7:00pm & 25th at 5:00pm (doors open 45 minutes early)
  • Cost:  Free
  • Event Contact:  746-0344
  • Websites – Real Life Church and Kidz Blitz