Gymnastics and Cheer Clinics at Hi-5 Activity Center – This Week

Hi-5 Kid’s Activity Center in Warner Robins is offering Gymnastic and Cheer Clinics this week – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.   These are open to everyone – even if you don’t aren’t enrolled at their gym.  Also, if you enroll in three, and you mention that you saw it on, you get the third clinic for FREE!  Here are the classes.

  • BEAM CLINIC (5.5yrs +)
    Wednesday March 25th – 4:30pm -5:00pm – $11

This half hour clinic is designed to help improve balance, as well as work core strength and stability necessary to be a strong beam worker! Gymnasts will get plenty of time to work their skills at various circuits and stations, all while becoming more comfortable and confident moving, jumping, walking and turning up on the beam!

  • BAR CLINIC (5.5yrs+)
    Wednesday March 25th – 5:00pm – 5:30pm – $11

This clinic is designed to improve upper body and core strength needed to master important bar basics such as a pullover, back hip circle and proper casting. Through independent conditioning as well as hands on spotting and shaping with a coach, gymnasts will have an enjoyable experience hanging, shimmying and swinging their way to achieve the pullover or back hip circle.

    Thursday March 26th – 4:30pm-5:00pm-$11

This clinic is great for children who not only want to achieve the back walkover, but also for those that are working toward a back bend or the kick progressing toward the back walkover. They will receive some one on one attention as well as independently working the circuit of related skills. The back walkover clinic is offered to children ages 5-12 who already know how to do a bridge and are working the back bend and/or bridge kick over in class.

    Friday March 27th – 4:30pm – 5:00pm – $11

This clinic is designed for gymnasts and tumblers ages 5-9 years. It is a wonderful opportunity for children to focus on their cartwheels with one on one attention, as well as independently working on many beneficial stations and drills. In this clinic there will also be an emphasis on the handstand, since these two skills go hand in hand. If your child has a desire to learn or perfect the cartwheel, then this fun clinic is for you!

  • HANDSPRING CLINIC -(6yrs + who already have solid round off)
    MARCH 28TH – $22

Beginner Back Handspring Clinic: If your young gymnast or cheerleader has already mastered the back walkover, then the back handspring clinic is the place to be! Or if you are looking to get ready for cheer tryouts, we have you covered !This is an hour long clinic with emphasis not only on the back handspring, but also the round-off. Your child will work through the circuit of drills and progressive skills for the back handspring and have a wonderful time flipping with confidence!

Advanced Back Handspring and Tuck Clinic: If you have a solid round off and are working hard on a standing back handspring, round off back handspring, standing tuck, or round off back handspring back tuck, this clinic is the place for you! This is and hour long clinic with emphasis on the handspring and tuck. Your child will work through the circuit of drills and progressive skills for the back handspring and tuck and have a wonderful time flipping with confidence!  ***Prerequisites: A solid round off and have been working on a back hand spring previously.


Hi-5 Children’s Activity Center
1238 S. Houston Lake Road
Warner Robins, Georgia
478-696-0455 or 470-222-4337