BigFoot Challenge at Dauset Trails

Dauset Trails will be hosting a BigFoot Challenge for the first time this March.  Here is the information from Eventbrite –

Take the challenge!  Participants hike three miles on a wooded trail in hopes to get that perfect picture of Bigfoot.  The participant with the best picture and a complete record of all the evidence will be declared the winner.  This is not a race.  Participants may start at any time between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. This is not scary.  Bigfoot will not interact with the participants or react to their presence.  Great fun for everyone trying to once andfor all get that perfect picture of Bigfoot!  Everyone who participates get a t-shirt.  Prizes for the winner vary per event and will be announced at the event!  Picture ops and souvenirs also available at the event! 

The cost for the event (children and adults) is $16.37, and you can register at Eventbrite.