Monster Jam Giveaway – Family Four Pack of Tickets

Okay, so are you ready to have some fun?  As most of you already know, the Monster Jam is coming to the Macon Centreplex February 27th & 28th, and I am so excited to have tickets to give away – a Family Pack of Four Tickets to the show on Friday night!

Entering is simple – just go to this link and pick out which Monster Truck you would most like to see, and then tell us on facebook or the website.  If you don’t know what the trucks look like, you can see pictures of them here.  That is how you enter!  The contest will end Sunday, February 16th, at midnight, and I will post the winner on facebook tomorrow morning.

Good Luck!





  1. I would love to take my family to see Grave Digger! We’ve never been to a Monster Jam before.

  2. My son would love to see any of the Monster Trucks but I think he would like the Grave Digger!!

  3. We want to see GRAVE DIGGER!!! :)

  4. Grave Digger of course!

  5. candace kitchen says:

    We would love to see the monster mutt Dalmatian truck!

  6. Cashanda Wright says:

    My boys so LOVES cars and this really would be a great, I really hope we win!#zion&zadenn

  7. Amanda Leslie says:

    My son is crazy about Monster Jam, we have a million episodes recorded on the DVR that we watch as a family on Sundays! I would love to win these tickets for him! SPIDERMAN and GRAVE DIGGER are his favorites! Also, my husband’s birthday is February 15th, I would love to win these tickets, so that I can surprise both he and my son :)

  8. We want to see the Predator!!

  9. Keisha Stites says:

    **Team Hotwheels** Firestorm all the way….I have 2 boys that have been collecting hotwheels since they were born. My oldest is 9 and would just be so estatic to be able to be there and my 3 year old is just as thrilled. Both of my boys …love their hot wheels!!! I’m a big fan myself!! We have been to Monster Jam and would love to win to get the rushing excitement!! ‪#‎Yes‬ ‪#‎BigTrucks‬ ‪#‎FamilyFun

  10. Cindy Whiddon says:

    We would love to see Grave Digger & Ice Cream Man!! :)

    • Congratulations, Cindy. You won our giveaway for the tickets to Monster Jam!! If you would please send me an email, we can get all the details worked out. :)

  11. Lisa Bellinger says:

    We all want to see the Dalmation Truck again!!!!

  12. My 5 yr old would love to see Monster Mutt Rottweiller!!!

  13. Mindy Hobbs says:

    I have always wanted to take my son. I think he would love them all, especially grave digger!

  14. Stacie Dudley says:


  15. Nikki Darley says:

    My sons would love to see Spike! We have never been and would love to go!

  16. My kids love the Monster Jam! They love all the monster trucks. But their fave of course is the Monster Mutt Dalmatian! :)

  17. Gravedigger of course. I have a daughter who loves everything loud and fast.

  18. The boys and I would definitely love to see the GRAVE DIGGER!!!

  19. My son says Grave Digger

  20. We want to see Mega Bite!!!

  21. Max D would be awesome to see! My boys would never forget it!

  22. Stacey Bowden says:

    Me and my kids would love to see “Zombie”
    he looks awesome and I’m sure he would be
    entertaining to watch. It would be a great pleasure
    to win and take the kids to see all this amazing trucks.

  23. Brittani hardy says:

    Gravedigger!!!!! Last time I went I was 8 20 yes ago :) would love to take my boy

  24. My son’s favorite truck is Grave Digger so that’s who we want to see :)

  25. Grave Digger!

  26. Grave digger obviously, but my daughter wants to see Higher Education because she is obsessed with school buses

  27. My 11 yr old autistic son loves trucks. We have never been to any Monster truck events, but he has the trucks. I believe he would enjoy Grave Digger the best, because he plays with those trucks the most! ! This family 4 pack would be great for my family of 4!! Thanks for the chance to win! !

  28. Sylvia ZUnino says:


  29. My 4 year old is all of sudden obsessed with MONSTER TRUCKS. He’s never been to Monster Jam, this would be his first time. He loves all of the Monster Mutts. :)

  30. Amanda Eakins says:

    My son would love to see Grave Digger….

  31. Kristy Faulk says:

    We want to see Grave Digger! :)

  32. Shasta Mullis says:

    We love Gravedigger!! Who doesn’t?? We’d love to see Gravedigger at MonsterJam at the Macon Centreplex!! :)

  33. My son has never been but he has a grave digger toy and want to See that one the Most

  34. Chrissy Harris says:

    My kids would love to see Grave Digger! We have never been to a Monster Jam!

  35. Stacey Blanks says:

    I have 5 year old twin boys and they have never been to Monster Jam. I would LOVE to take them but money is to tight. So winning tickets would REALLY be a blessing!

  36. Bethany McCain says:

    My son Tyler would love to see any of the Monster Trucks but he especially wants to see Monster Mutt!!

  37. My 3 year old son, Levi, will be celebrating his birthday and wants a monster truck party! He is most excited about seeing Monster Mutt!!

  38. Angel Wells says:

    The Grave digger of course. My daughter loves the monster jam.

  39. My 3 year old son, Levi, will be celebrating his birthday and wants a monster truck party! He is most excited about seeing Ice Cream Man!

  40. Christy Stevens says:

    Our family votes for the Monster Mutt Dalmation.

  41. Jennifer Gilbert says:

    It’s a toss up! My 7 year old will want to see the Wolverine truck, my 4 year old will want to see Blue Thunder but MOMMY votes for the Monster Mutt Dalmation!! We would LOVE to go!

  42. Amber Bowen says:

    Me and my boys would love to see Grave Digger or Monster Mutt.

  43. My boys want to see Grave Digger!

  44. rebekah storey says:

    My 2 older sons are infatuated with monster jam. We have had 6 monster jam themed parties between the 2. Their favorite is Monster Mutt. My 3rd son, a toddler, is following in this brothers foot steps.

  45. rebekah storey says:

    I forgot Razin Kane along with monster mutt

  46. Mary-Katherine Ellis says:

    My family would love to see El Toro Loco, especially my 3 year old son. He has been talking about Monster Jam for weeks now. We bought him a little miniature El Torre Loco monster truck from Wal-Mart and he will not put it down!

  47. Grave digger and monster mutt

  48. Ashley Beacham says:

    My son would love to see higher education and grave digger. He loves monster trucks!!!

  49. Dara Gastley says:

    My boys & I would love to see the Scooby Doo truck!

  50. grave digger is our favorite!!!

  51. We would so love to go- my 3 boys love monster trucks! We want to see dragon!

  52. Spike – I think my four year old would like him the most!

  53. Jennifer Wright says:

    We would love to see gravedigger!

  54. Samantha livingston says:

    grave digger has always been my favorite hope he wins !!

  55. Gravedrigger!! He looks awesome!!

  56. Vernice Hall says:

    The samson!! My son is 9 and he will love it! PICK ME, PICK ME! LOLOL

  57. Teresa Roller says:

    We would love to see Grave Digger. My sons favorite!!!

  58. Heather Roberts says:

    Grave Digger!!! :)

  59. Hi, I’d love to take the family to see the Zombie (they LOVE walking dead), and we’ve never experienced anything like this before. My boys are 7 & 11, and I believe it would blow their minds to see action of this sort done by monster trucks!!!

  60. Jennifer McEntee says:

    My kids both want to see Grave Digger! They really like the truck and would love to see it up close!!!

  61. Gravedigger is the one I would love to see but the girls are intrigued by Ice Cream Man (I think just for the name)! My 4 yr old has never been and she would love to surprise her daddy!

  62. Nicole Grace Cash says:

    IcE cReAm MaN!
    My 3 yr old daughter picked.

  63. Molly Bankston says:

    My six year old son wants to see Grave Digger!!!!! He sees him on tv and just freaks out!!!! This woul out the biggest smile on his face!!!! Thanks for another awesome giveaway!!!!

  64. Laura McDonald says:

    We would love to see GRAVEDIGGER! Winning the tickets would be an awesome birthday present!

  65. Mandy Kaleta says:

    My boys love this!!! Especially if we won the tickets

  66. Grave digger

  67. Natalia Burgess says:

    We want to see the gravedigger of course!

  68. Katie Nelson says:

    My oldest son said he wants to see Mega Bite because dog trucks are cool but he was also excited about Grave Digger because what boy doesn’t have a toy truck just like that.

  69. Grave Digger!

  70. Scooby do

  71. We would love to see Razin Kane, as the folks in this house know a little bit about doing just that. Thanks!

  72. Zombie

  73. Shina wilds says:

    grave digger!!!!!

  74. We would love to go see the Ice Cream Man truck :)

  75. Karen Green says:

    My 6 year old grandson, Luke, needs to see Raizin Kane! It would be so great to win the tickets!

  76. Christy Vogt says:


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