Giveaway – Lunch for Two at Marco Ristorante Italiano of Macon

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Marco Ristorante Italiano of Macon and I are teaming up to give away a Lunch for Two to one of my readers.

Never heard of Marco?  They are a fine dining establishment in North Macon specializing in freshly-prepared, authentically Italian food.  They are open Monday through Saturday beginning at 5:00pm and offer a full dinner menu.  They are also now open at lunchtime (11:00am – 2:00pm) Monday through Friday and offer a limited menu because they want your food to be freshly prepared, but know that you may be in a hurry.

For those of us with kids, they do offer free kid’s meals from their Homemade Pasta Menu on Monday evening (one free meal per adult entree).

Now, I know that my website is all about kids; however, sometimes as adults, it is good to switch gears and focus on each other.  So, I am very excited to give away this Lunch for Two – two free Lunch Entrees and two Drinks (non-alcoholic).

To enter, all you have to do is show some love – let the person you would take to lunch know who they are by tagging them on facebook or commenting on the blog post – that is all you have to do to enter.  The giveaway will end at midnight on Sunday, February 8th.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



  1. Amanda Schneck says:

    Love Marco! They’re awesome!

  2. Molly Bankston says:

    I would take my wonderful husband of 11 years!! I is very very seldom we get a special meal just for us!! This would be a dream come true!

  3. Mindy Hobbs says:

    I would take my husband Johnathon.

  4. Allison Bloodworth says:

    I would LOVE to take my sweet husband to lunch. He does so much for us so I can stay home with my little guy. We would be so appreciative of a lunch out 😉

  5. Nicole Acree says:

    I would love to take my husband out for lunch. He has always had my best interest at heart. He currently encouraged me to become a SAHM and find a job that I love or for me to go back to school. He is the best father to our children always putting them above himself too. I would love to win this to treat him. He is not on social media or I would tag him on Facebook. But thanks for the chance:)

  6. I would take my husband Brian! What a great treat for who ever wins!!!

  7. I would take my husband. It has been a bit of a roller coaster these past few. This would be a nice treat for him!

  8. Jessica Tribble says:

    I would take my husband, Daniel.

  9. Lindsey McCoy says:

    I would LOVE to take my amazingly wonderful hardworking hubby out for a nice lunch!

  10. Tamara Paschal says:

    I definitely take my husband to lunch, he works as a teacher and this would be an awesome treat.

  11. Rebecca Thompson says:

    I would take my hubby.:) Marco is his favorite and it is were he took me on our first date.

  12. Because of limited funds and/or busy work schedules, would be a wonderful treat for my hubby and I. Would be nice to reward him for all he has done for our family. Besides, who wouldn’t enjoy a date night where McDonald’s or Pizza at Chuck-E-Cheese is not on the menu! LoL!!!

  13. I would take my husband of 13 years, Jeff.

  14. If I win, I will take my husband. With 4year old twins, we hardly ever get the chance to go out and have a “grown up” meal. This would be a special treat!!!

  15. I would take my husband of 15 years, Chason. He is the hardworking provider for our family and we rarely get to go out on dates. He will always Be Mine!

  16. What a fabulous offer! Thank you!

  17. Ava Powell says:

    I would take my awesome husband, Paul!!!

  18. Brittani Fordham says:

    we LOVE Marco’s. I would love to take my hubby

  19. I would love to take my husband since our 6 year anniversary is coming up!

  20. wendy cross says:

    I’d take my husband. We are new to the area and need a date night spot!

  21. Mandy Eakin says:

    Would love to take my wonderful husband!!

  22. Would love to take my dear husband Sam who works so hard to care for our large and growing family. Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. I would take my hard working (works 2 jobs), ambulance driving, sexy firefighter husband ! He does so much for others and this would be a nice treat. Thanks for the chance to win for my man!

  24. I would love to take my fiance Morgan so we can have at least one more date night alone before we have our little one the beginning of March!

  25. Would love to do something special for my husband. He works very hard, loving, and deserves to be treated to a nice meal!

  26. I would take my amazing husband Michael! He deserves a special meal for working so hard to support our family!

  27. My husband and I would love a date night! :)

  28. Sylvia ZUnino says:

    I would like to gift this to my son and his fiancé. She is starting a 6 month journey of medical treatments and this would be a great break for them.

  29. Would love to take my husband, Bill to lunch. Being new parents to a soon-to-be 9 month-old we never really leave the house except to go to work!

  30. I would take my husband!

  31. I would take my living husband, Richard Bryant, and build more memories of our blessed love.

  32. I’d like to take my hubby to a great new Italian restaurant that we’ve never tried before. He proposed to me 10 years ago on Valentine’s Eve. What a great way to show my appreciation this year!!!

  33. Laura Rodgers says:

    I would love to take Adam Rodgers. With two small kids we need a date!

  34. I would definitely take my husband!! Although since it’s lunch we may take our daughter too!

  35. I would take my husband Geoff R out to lunch. We have never tried Marcos out yet but have heard good things.

  36. Michele Pritchard says:

    I’d like to take my hubby! :-)

  37. Tracey Page says:

    I would Love to take my husband. He works Hard so I can be a stay at home mom! It would be nice to treat him for a change.

  38. Susan Diana says:

    I would take my hubby. We both have been working and going back to school so this would be a perfect surprise!

  39. Amanda kennedy says:

    I would love to take my husband. The 18th is our anniversary and we are expecting our first child next month. I’m sure we won’t get many opportunities for a romantic lunch together for a while after this little one arrives.

  40. I would take my amazing husband! He works nonstop & provides for us so that I’m able to be with my kiddos! He deserves a special treat!!

  41. I would love to take my hubby to anniversary meal. Hope to win!

  42. I’ve heard only good things about your establishment, would love to try Marco!

  43. i would love this!!

  44. Lisa Bonney says:

    My hubby and I just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary and I would love to surprise him with lunch at Marco to celebrate the beginning of our 17th year together! Thank you!

  45. Rachel Johnson says:

    I would LOVE to eat at Marcos with my valentine!

  46. Dawn Sheppard says:

    I would take my super hot husband, Matthew. 😉

  47. Love is in the air and what a great way for my husband Benjie and I to celebrate in such a beautiful romantic setting with great food and hopefully the piano man playing our song. Have I told you lately I love you. Happy heart day to everyone

  48. Brooke Jennings says:

    my husband :) Reid Jennings or if he’s working then my mother for her birthday :) Dawn Ashley

  49. Chernika Worthy says:

    I would love to take my mom out. Let’s not forget how special our moms are.

  50. Such a fun giveaway! I’d treat my sweet Momma!!

  51. Would love to take my hubby Robert for a wonderful lunch. Your dinner menu is fabulous and I’m sure the lunch is spectacular!

  52. Chernika Worthy says:

    I would love to win this.

  53. elizabeth Dziadul says:

    I would love to take my husband of 26.5 years on a date where he doesn’t have to pay!

  54. Margaret freeman says:

    Me and my fiance would Love to win! Between us we have 5 children, 3 of which I just finalized adoption on. We stay very busy and of course very limited funds.

  55. Lauren Mac says:

    My Husband of course! I have been wanting to try this place for a while, it’s just outside our budget.

  56. Bonnie Berl says:

    This would be a perfect treat for my husband and me!

  57. danielle fanning says:

    I would take my love Bernie fanning

  58. great idea!

  59. Sabrina Stinson says:

    I would take my wonderful husband. Sometimes with kids we don’t get enough “us” time. So I would us these very wisely!!

  60. Amber Williamson says:

    I would love to take my husband, Chris Williamson, of 15 yrs to lunch! We haven’t been on a date in a good 2 yrs and we really could use some alone time together. Good luck everyone and thank you for the opportunity. Happy Valentine’s Day

  61. Cashanda Wright says:

    I would take my wonderful fiancee! With work and the kids we hardly get any time to ourselves this would be perfect! If I won of course.

  62. Jennifer Morgan says:

    My hubby! Our 8 yr wedding anniversary is on the 17th!

  63. Renee Switzer says:

    I would take my husband!

  64. Jessica Daniel says:

    I’d love to finally give it a try. I did Natalies last year, change would be nice.

  65. christi Evangelo says:

    I would take me sweet husband who loves Italian food! Ryan Evangelo

  66. I would take my hubby Chris when he gets back from deployment!!!!!!

  67. Laura bell says:

    I would take my sweet daughter Gracie because her good friend is moving away.

  68. Sarah smith says:

    I’d always love a date with my husband but with him being deployed I would love a date for my parents that are here from Wisconsin helping me with my 2 little boys. I would be a reck without them here.

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