Giveaway – Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus Tickets – Again!

How would you like another chance to win tickets to the circus?  My contact at Feld Entertainment was so impressed by the great response you guys gave on our previous giveaway, that she gave me another Family Four Pack of Tickets to give away – AGAIN!!!  This will be for the performance on Thursday night, January 29th, at 7:00.

So, the instructions are the same – you can enter by

And don’t forget to write about your favorite part of the circus – that is a part of entering.

So, Good Luck!  The giveaway will end Tuesday, January 20th, at midnight.



  1. My favorite part of the circus is the elephants. Also, watching my children light up with excitement. There is nothing in the world better than seeing that.

  2. Brooke Jennings says:


  3. Carrie Matthews says:

    My favorite part of the circus is seeing my children’s faces light up! They’ve never been!

  4. danielle lanb says:

    My favorite part of the circus is the tradition. My sister n law and I always take our kids together. Nothing like quality family time and making memories.

  5. Karl Gant says:

    I love seeing the trapeze artists. They are pretty sweet, but I would really like to see my kids reaction to the whole show!

  6. sarah sch says:

    I love the elephants!

  7. Janet Anderson says:

    We love seeing all the animals, and just being together as a family.

  8. Brandi Groebner says:

    My favorite part of the circus is seeing my boys get so excited!!

  9. Janet Ezell says:

    My favorite part of the circus is the acrobats.

  10. Christie Durham says:

    My favorite is seeing my kids faces when all the animals do their tricks, the popcorn, the energy!

  11. awesome thank you for what you do…I don’t have a favorite never been but would love the chance to take my little ones for the first time

  12. Christy Morgan says:

    I love the elephants!!

  13. Taylor Thomas says:

    Ever since I was a little girl I always enjoyed the elephants and acrobats. My son had never gone the the circus but I think those would be his favorites as well. Let’s just hope he doesn’t try the acrobatic act at home. I hope to give him the same memories I had at the circus.

  14. Kristen richardson says:

    our fingers and toes are crossed!!!!

  15. cindy neal says:

    We love everything about the circus! But the elephants are definitely our favorite!

  16. We love the circus. What a great way to celebrate my birthday by taking my son to the circus.

  17. The animals are my favorite! My kids have never been! How fun would it been to win!?!

  18. candace kitchen says:

    My favorite part is the elephants!

  19. Stephanie says:

    Would love to take my children and granddaughter. My children love laughing at the clowns and watching all of the animals performing.

  20. I like all the animal acts!

  21. Kim bailey says:

    My favorite part of the circus is the trapeze! to win this for my kids. We Do not often get to do things like this.

  22. I like the thrill of watching the trapeze. I love the costumes.

  23. lindsey byford says:

    I’d love to visit this circus. I have never been to this one but everything I am hearing about it definitely makes me want to check it out and take my kids 😉

  24. Tangy Poole says:

    My kids would love to go to the circus. I just love seeing the tightrope performance.

  25. Jennifer Cuti says:

    Winning these tickets would be a blessing! My children are dying to go and keep talking about it! My son is going in for surgery in February to have a cochlear implant put in and he’s going to have a long recovery. Im trying to do as many fun outings as I can afford before his procedure. Winning these tickets would be the best gift I can give him and twin sister! Kerping my fingers crossed! Thank you!

  26. Katie Nelson says:

    I’ve never been to the circus but I think my favorite part will be the look on my sons’ faces as they see people flying through the air and real life elephants and everything else that goes on in the big circus tent.

  27. wow! More free tickets! That’s quite impressive!

  28. My favorite part are the elephants and watching the excitement the show brings to my son’s face. We all have a ball every year!

  29. martha hughes says:

    I would love to take my kids. They have never been to the circus. Its my son’s birthday as well this month. It would be awesome to be able to take them.

  30. Lamonica Sanford says:

    I loved the circus when I was a child.

  31. we would
    Love tickets. Love the clowns and elephants!!

  32. Morgan Wells says:

    I’d love to watch my kids just sit in amazement!!

  33. My girls would love this!! The elephants are so fun to watch!!

  34. I love the elephants, cotton candy and popcorn.

  35. Ashley Brown says:

    Yeyy! More tickets

  36. I love the the elephants and I love watching my kids watch in amazement.

  37. Maya Clark says:

    This is on my son’s birthday, so it would be an amazing birthday treat! My favorite part of the circus is watching the children’s excitement and the clowns, of course!

  38. Jennifer Lapina says:

    Daughter wants to go sooo bad

  39. We would love to go!!

  40. Shavonda P. says:

    Would like to take my family. It will be my 16mo daughter first time attending.

    • Shavonda P. says:

      My favorite part about the circus are the tricks the animals perform. As well as the light up toys when they dim the lights.

  41. This would be our first Circus visit. My 2 year old little man would love the motocage and my 4 year old daughter would adore the horse show.

  42. My boys have never been to the circus. We would love the chance to go!

  43. My boys have never been to the circus! The would have a blast! :)

  44. Jennifer Morgan says:

    Yes yes yes!!!

  45. Anna Powell says:

    We would love to experience the circis as a family! We’ve never been before! I love the acrobats!

  46. Dallas Hardy says:

    My girls would be so excited about going to the circus

  47. Teresa Roller says:

    I love watching my son as he watches the aerial acts!!!

  48. Mariah Kerker says:

    I would love to win this!

  49. my favorite part is seeing the big striped tent!

  50. We’ve never been, but would love to find out our favorite part :)

  51. we love the animals!

  52. My favorite part is the look on everyone’s faces when something amazing happens. Especially the kids. The mouth dropped, ohh my goodness, this is the greatest thing I have ever seen look.

  53. Michelle Folsom says:

    I would love to take my daughter to the circus! My favorite part is the elephants & the cotton candy!

  54. We love everything about it!!! :~)

  55. Rose kimball says:

    My favorite part is seeing the smiles on my children faces!

  56. Laura McDonald says:

    Would love to see the elephants with my 4yr old son. Thus will be our first time to the circus!

  57. Christy Stevens says:

    Awesome! We would really enjoy going to the circus.

  58. Crystal Vangorder says:

    My favorite part of the circus is making memories that last a lifetime! I remember my experience from when I was young and I want my children to experience and create memories that will last them a lifetime! :)

  59. i have never been to a circus so I can’t say what my favorite part is- but I know for sure though that my favorite part will most definitely be the look on my kids faces (ages 2 & 4) because I imagine they’ll be just amazed as I would be! It would be their first time at a circus too! We wouldn’t know what to expect! :)

  60. Samantha wells says:

    My family would love to go!

  61. SARENA Dinkens says:

    This would be our first time attending. Hoping to make many memories for my son and daughters.

  62. Wouldn’t mind going! !

  63. I would love to take my kids to the circus!! I have never been to one before but my kids have and loved every minute of it!

  64. ashley taylor says:

    The best part is how excited my kids get

  65. Looking forward to taking my kiddos for the first time. We do destination unknown/ adventure for them and they love it! This would be an amazing adventure for them. Just getting to take them and seeing their first experience will be my favorite part.

  66. Would love to win this for my kids!!

  67. looks like fun!

  68. Who doesn’t love the circus? ! Yes please!

  69. fun! Love the circus!

  70. Love watching my kids faces!

  71. Tiffany Lewis says:

    My favorite part of the circus is watching and being amazed at the tiger tricks. Mostly my favorite part of the circus is enjoying eatchingn my son have the time of his life. Each time he is even more amazed at all the tricks and stunts that happens during the circus. He has recently mentioned to us about one day being on the tight rope when he grows up. I love having the chance to go to the circus each time the moment arises.

  72. The circus has always been an amazing outing for me as well as my kids..We absolutely love everything from the amazing animals and the funny skits to the talent that the circus crew has ..please help me and my kids enjoy this wonderful kids will be so grateful

  73. I LOVE watching my 6 year old son enjoying himself while at the circus. Nothing better!!

  74. This would be my little girls first circus! I love the acrobats!

  75. Jennifer Marsh says:

    Would LOVE this , family fun time. First time for the youngest one !

  76. crystal hooks says:

    I would love to take my kids!!

  77. Mary Stanford says:

    We would LOVE to go!!

  78. I would love to take my grandson. He’s never been to the circus. He adores elephants!

  79. Linda Amerson says:

    Would love to win the tickets! Love the circus!

  80. We love seeing all the animals in the circus. Especially the elephants and lions!

  81. My favorite part of the circus is always the lion an the people on the ribbon.. This would be a great birthday gift.


  83. my son would absolutely love to go see them. He loves it and we’re not going to be able to make it this year!

  84. As much as my 2 year old likes elephants and 6 likes the trapeze ladies, I think the best part of the circus would be the smiles on their faces and the stories they will have to tell about their first circus. Thanks for the opportunity.

  85. Jennifer Ervin says:

    I have a 14 yr old and 2yr old, my Birthday is wednesday and we dont have a favorite part because we have never been. Please, please, please pick us!

  86. How exciting

  87. Tonya Olden says:

    I have been going to the circus since I was a child and I am 47. The best part has always been the elephants and the tigers. Back home in Virginia, we used to watch them get off the train and march inside the Coliseum. It was a great experience so now I can enjoy the same experience with my grandson. Hubby and I are like two big kids when it comes to the circus.

  88. I would love to go to the Circus . It,s a great Family fun time just watching the smile,s on the little,s face,s

  89. Kelly Kitchens says:

    I have two wonderful boys – ages 3 and 2. The 2 year old wasrecently diagnoased with autism. Neither of them have ever been to the circus and I would love the opportunity to take them! My 3 year old has a stuffed elephant that he takes EVERYWHERE! It would be awesome for him to be able to see one in person! Thank you for the opportunity to share this with my family.

  90. I love to see the amazing acrobatics at the circus :)

  91. Jennifer Brownlee says:

    We would love a chance to go to the Circus. My children have never been. I remember going when I was a child and loved to see all the animals!

  92. Haven’t been since I was 5!!! Almost 20 years ago I’d love to take my 3 babies :)

  93. Ramona Swearingen says:

    I would love to win tickets to the circus so I can take my two-year-old plus I’ve never been to the circus either!!!!

  94. I have grandchildren that would LOVE to go!!!! 8 of them!!!!

  95. kristie godwin says:

    Would love to take my kids

  96. Win, Win, Win!!!

  97. We would love to go to the circus. My favorite part is watching my kids and how much they enjoy it! Their favorite part are the animals especially elephants.

  98. Jennifer Wright says:

    i love this circus! My kids would have a blast!

  99. Demetrice Blassingame says:

    My favorite part of the circus or the clown and the acrobats. I think it’s amazing to see them do such awesome things. They move with such ease and the clowns find the simplest things to make you .laugh

  100. I’ve never been to the Ringling circus but have always wanted to. my favorite part of the ones I’ve been to are all the animals and how it just feels so magical and if love for my daughter to experience it

  101. Scarlett Kovac says:

    Would love to take my boys. My favorite thing would have to be the motorcycles in the ball!! Always remembered them growing up. Would love my boys to remember them as well. Hope we win so they have a chance to go!!!!

  102. My kids would love this!!

  103. My kids would love the circus! My favorite part is seeing the elephants!

  104. Jade collier says:

    I would love to be able to take my daughter and god daughter to see all the animals and entertainment. My favorite part of the circus is the elephants, they really amaze me. All animals do but elephants AMAZING creatures.

  105. My 2 year old son loves clowns and animals. I’ve always wanted to take him to the circus. I remember going as a child, and it was something I’ll always remember. I would love to let my son experience that too.

  106. Kristen Cross says:

    I just became a step parent recently! I would love to have these tickets to spoil my beautiful step children!

  107. Elizabeth Beaudoin says:

    We love the animals! They are all so much fun to watch.

  108. Olga Plummer says:

    our favorite part is animals!!!

  109. Connie de Grandis says:

    love everything

  110. Camille Hudson says:

    Love the clowns in the jalope car!!!

  111. Our fav part is the animals!

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