Thrively – a Website Geared to Your Child’s Interests

The other day I was looking around the internet, and I discovered a site that I want to share with you called Thrively.   It is a new website geared to help parents choose activities for their children.  

You can enter your child’s age, likes and dislikes, and Thrively will find activities in your area that are geared to your child’s interests – and it’s free!  They also have videos about different careers your child may be interested in and offer online games and educational videos. Now, I will say that there are not many activities in our area because this is a new company; however, I am sure it will grow as they reach out to more communities, but there are a lot of videos and games that your can choose from based on your child’s interests.  If you are interested, just click the picture, and you will go directly to their sign-up page.


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