The Incredible & Edible Pumpkin Patch

The Dirt Farmers of Macon will be hosting a Pumpkin Patch this Saturday called The Incredible and Edible Pumpkin Patch.  From their facebook page – 

It’s the Funky Pumpkins—Pink, Blue, Green and the Snow White Pumpkins. Flats, ovals, cirlcles, skinny, fat, oblong….. We have the funkiest Pumpkin Patch. Edibles also: Cushaw, Cinderella, and Flatso Pie Pumpkins.

Edible, Decorative and All Around Funky Pumpkins for the upcoming seasons…we’ll have bushels and bushels of fresh Georgia apples. Vendors showcasing some of their local goods and plenty of perfect picture opportunities…bring the kids and get a jump start on your holiday cards!!

Open to the public. CSA members receive $1 off all pumpkins, If you “Check In” and show a Team Dirt member, an additional $1 off is available. A great kickoff to your Fall festivities.

The Patch will be October 11th from 9:30am – 3:00pm.

The Dirt Farm
1297 Wesleyan Drive
Macon, Georgia