Go Fish Education Center

Have you gotten your free pass (good for 6 people to go free) to the GoFish Education Center in  Perry?  My mom got one for us from her library, and we all went this past weekend.  Before I begin telling you about our day, I did want to say that checking out the pass is Super Easy.  Mom just went to the library and “checked out” the pass for seven days.   The librarian told her that if she didn’t use it within that time period, she could check it out again just like a book.  Oh, and her library still has passes for the Zoo and State Parks, so you might want to check that out the next time you go to your library if you are interested.

Anyway, back to our day…the GoFish Center has three main parts – the main building, outdoor exhibit, and fishing pond. The main building has some  interactive activities – fishing, shooting, and boating which everyone really enjoyed.  They also have a hatchery (you can see a few of these fish), and they have some educational exhibits about fishing, boating, and environmental protection.  (My mom and dad really enjoyed these.)  There were other exhibits, but I will move on.

Around the building there is an outdoor exhibit featuring fish (over 80 species) from all over Georgia.  We all enjoyed this, and the boys enjoyed seeing the fish up-close.

Behind the building there is a stocked catch-and-release pond.  We spent an hour looking through the indoor and outdoor exhibits and then spent three hours fishing.  They have fishing poles you can borrow and hot dogs for bait.  The boys each caught three fish, and I think they may have caught the same fish a few times.  They absolutely LOVED it.  And if you are leary about taking a fish off a hook (I am), there are volunteers who offer to take it off for you.  Do keep in mind – if you are 16 or over and want to fish – you have to have a fishing license.

Would we return?  Absolutely.  The boys had a great time, and it was nice to be able to relax and just enjoy being together.  It was also nice to see my hubby and my dad taking time with the boys, patiently showing them the best way to catch a fish, and then seeing the complete delight when they finally did.  Family time really is great!

They are open from 9:00 – 5:00 on Friday and Saturday and from 1:00 – 5:00 on Sunday.   Normal admission is $5 (adults) and $3 (children).

Go Fish Education Center
1255 Perry Parkway
Perry, Georgia 31069