Gymastics, Tumbling, and Family Play at Sportz Quest

Are you looking for a weekly activity that will help your child grow in confidence and physical strength?  Our latest advertiser, Sportz Quest, offers classes for all ages which focus on learning skills versus just preparing for competition.  Not only do they offer classes during the school year, but they also offer summer camps and classes, birthday parties, and family play.

For Toddlers (beginning at 18 months) through First Grade, there are 26 different classes offered at different times throughout the day.  Depending on the class you choose, your child will develop listening skills and hand-eye coordination, learn tumbling, and improve upper body strength.  And all of this is done in a fun, relaxed environment.  To see a complete list of classes and skills they will learn, click here.

For older children, Sportz Quest offers 11 classes in the evening – Gymnastics (girls 2nd – 8th grade), Cheer (girls 1st – 5th grade), and Tumbling (girls 2nd – 12th and boys 2nd – 8th grade).  To see a complete list of classes, click here.

They also offer Special Needs Classes on Wednesday evening, Family Time on Monday morning, and Homeschool Classes on Tuesday afternoon.

Another great thing about Sportz Quest is that every new student can attend one session for FREE.  This will help your child find the perfect class.

On a personal note, my boys have attended two different events at Sportz Quest and had a great time.  They loved climbing the soft ramps, jumping across the trampoline, and balancing on the beams.  Little did they realize that all the “games” they were playing were really strengthening their muscles and helping their coordination.

For more information, check out their website or call their office.

Sportz Quest
2954 Riverside Drive
Macon, Georgia
Sportz Quest


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